Movement collages by Sarah Johnson

The long weekend

A guide to Memorial Day Weekend in Detroit


Andrey Douthard


It's been two years since the city felt the Memorial Weekend vibes that we all look forward to. This weekend in Detroit is rich with history and cultural significance. Movement in Heart Plaza can give us amazing moments but more importantly, the energy that exists surrounding the festival is vast, intense and magical; you have the whole city out mixed with people flying in to be here dancing with us. A melting pot of joyous self-expression.

Here is our guide to see you through the weekend - the places to get a step in and find connections.

Paramita Sound

Wednesday, May 25th

Duality /Detroit - Motor City Wine (8pm - 2am, $20)

Ian Fink gives the city a special edition of his Duality/Detroit residency with Dez Andres on Congas, Amir Edwards on Drums, special guest Amp Fiddler and selectors Yukiko and Scott Grooves.

Don't sleep on this, this one is special.

Electro Acoustic - UFO Factory (8pm - 2am)

Vinn Diagramm throws a left-field function on the pre-pre-weekend tip. DJ sets and live sets for the hot $5. If you've headed out early this week there is no reason not to stop in.

Don’t sleep on Track mode and Vinn Diagramm’s live set to close.

Paramita Sound

Thursday, May 26th

Blueprint -  UFO Factory (8pm - 2 am, $15)

Blueprint is a black woman led party dedicated to celebrating women and queer music makers. Residents AK and Blackmoonchild along with DJ Etta have curated a beautiful start to the long weekend.

Don’t sleep on Whodat, ever.

Choose Better Friends - Paramita Sound (8 pm - 2 am, Free)

Deep basslines, late-night boogie, and moody grooves; are all things to expect when the Detroit-based Choose Better Friends label is co-run by Bale Defoe, DJ Phil Minnick, Ryan McCray & J Peacock are throwing the pre-movement function at our spot.

Don’t sleep on Bale Dafoe.

Paramita Sound

Friday, May 27th

Bruiser Extended Family - Paramita Sound (10 pm - 2 am, Free)

The links between Danny Brown’s Bruiser Brigade and Paramita go back years. Together we’ve thrown some of the greatest house parties in Detroit's history.  It's been to long since we thru a function and about time we bring that energy back downtown for once. Pull up on dream beach, Raphy, Skywlkr, and the rest of the Bruisers. Might feel like a block party cause the shop is really too small for this type of thing.

Don’t sleep you never know who might pull up…

Haute Garage - Marble Bar (6pm - 4am, $30)

Haute to Death’s Ash Nowak & Jon Dones connect with Shigeto and the Portage Garage crew. Love when friends throw big parties like this.

Don’t sleep on Gay Marvine, Mike Servito b2b Justin Cudmore, H2D patio closeout.

Freakish Pleasures - Tangent ( 9pm - ???, $30)

I’ll let the Freakish Pleasure crew speak for themselves with this one “All-star lineup to make that azz bounce. Come get your third eye touched, for your pleasure and ours.” We concur.

Don’t sleep on Turtle Bugg and Tammy Lakkis.

Paramita Sound

Saturday, May 28th

Underground & Black Detroit 2022: Motortown Revue - Spot Lite Detroit (12pm - 9 pm, $25)

This is what the weekend is about. Lorenzo Dewberry, AK, Deon Jamar, Stefan Ringer, The AM, Kyle Hall smhhh. Ash Lauryn made a statement with this Underground and Black lineup. Undeniably the present and future of Detroit’s Black dance music scene with one of our favorite ATL hitters.

Don’t sleep on AK, pull up earllllly (read our New Artist piece on her here). Plus Stefan Ringer.

Portal 1515 - Paramita Sound (2pm - 2am, Free)

An ode to the origins of our space 1515 Broadway and the OG festival that changed this weekend in Detroit forever. A free, all ages portal into the past, present and future of Detroit music. Kesswa, House Shoes, Ian Fink b2b Jon Dixon, John FM and Jay Daniel.

Don’t sleep on Ian Fink b2b Jon Dixon (Live) 8 pm.

JerkxJollof: Afrobeats Edition - The Belt (4 pm - 10pm, Free w/RSVP)

The Afrobeats party by the crew that runs this sound here in Detroit. A juxtaposed vibe to the festival, but 100% necessary if the sun's shining.

Don’t sleep on Blakito.

Viva La Resistance VII:  Motor City Wine (2 pm - 2 am, $10 pre-sale, $20)

Rocksteady Disco’s Peter Croce and Motor City Wines' own Dave A-P switch it up for an all-day Saturday affair at one of Detroit’s most beloved music spaces.  Balearic, Disco, house vibes, great wine on undoubtedly Detroit’s best patio. We’d pull up around 7:30 before the patio peaks. Party shifts inside from 10pm - 2am.

Don’t sleep on Peter Croce.

Movement Music Festival: Day 1

  • Rick Wilhite b2b Andres:  Stargate Stage - 3:30pm-5pm
  • Rebecca Goldberg Live: Detroit Stage - 6:30pm-7:30pm
  • Sard Live: Detroit Stage - 8:30pm-9:30pm
  • Icewear Vezzo: Waterfront Stage - 9:30pm - 10pm
  • DJ Stingray 313:  Underground Stage - 10:30pm - 12am
  • Flying Lotus:  Waterfront Stage - 11pm -12am

Spkrbox presents - Spkrbox (10pm - 4am)

The former downtown coffee haunt Urban Bean reopens as Spkrbox for the festival weekend. The AM, Issac Prieto, and a b2b set by Shigeto and Scott Z to open the space.

Don't sleep on Shigeto b2b Scott Zacharias.

Soul Clap’s House of EFunk: TV Lounge (11 pm - ???, $50)

Big ass official Movement afterparty. This is the type of lineup we’ve come to expect from the annual Soul Clap festivity.  Kush Jones, Hazmat Live, The Godmother and Stacey Pullen to name a few.

Don’t sleep on Beige, who gets some much-deserved shine and the one and only Byron The Aquarius….say less.

Deep Detroit 12: Kai Alce - 3300 Gratiot Ave (10pm - 4am, $20)

A memorial day weekend pilgrimage at this point. NDATL’s Kai Alce brings back the 12th edition of his annual Saturday night party.

Don’t sleep on the Special Edition 12” that Kai drops every year, only at the party.

Paramita Sound

Sunday, May 29th

The Do Over - The Belt (2 pm - 10 pm, Free w/RSVP)

They never miss with this one. Another free outdoor vibe in the Belt, this time courtesy of the Cali crew that pulls up once a year with the secret special guests. RSVP, get cute, let's hope it's sunny and hot.

Don’t sleep on Frankie Banks and the special guests is always a weekend treat.

Play Beats on Sunday - Paramita Sound ( Noon -1 am)

12 Beatmakers, 12 live sets. Nothing else happening like it all weekend anywhere. Pull up for progressive music in its rarest form.

Movement Music Festival: Day 2

  • Specter:  Pyramid Stage - 3:30pm-5pm
  • Ke Thu Live:  Detroit Stage - 6pm-7pm
  • Beige:  Detroit Stage - 7pm-8:30pm
  • Soul Clap w/ Amp Fiddler Live:  Waterfront Stage - 7:30pm-9pm
  • Carl Craig B2B James Murphy: Waterfront Stage -  10:30pm-12am

Excursions - 3300 Gratiot Ave - (9pm - 6am, $20 Pre Pay, $25 atd)

Chicago’s Cordell Johnson and James Vincent bring it every year. Real steppers only, shit is serious.

The Get Down w/ Theo Parrish - Spot Lite - (11pm - 7am, $30)

Excursions and No Way Back have pulled us back and forth over the years on Sunday, but Theo Parrish and Spot Lite have us extra conflicted this year. Historically Theo has held his memorial day weekend Music Gallery series at various venues on Friday before the festival officially starts. With his new monthly residency “The Get Down” at Spot Lite Sundays just got busier and let's be honest… better..  Rule 1. Never miss Theo when he plays an all-night set at the crib. See you there after we close the shop.

Don't sleep on being there from start to finish.

Paramita Sound

Monday, May 30th

Yes - Marble Bar (7am - 4am, $75)

4th quarter…How much got left?  Memorial Day at Marble will push you to the limit. $75 for the entry is steep, so pull up early and hit the patio hard. The lineup is wild but…Omar-S and Marcellus Pittman, what more could you need.

Don’t sleep on MoveD and Tamo & Lakuti.

Soft Landing - Paramita Sound (12pm - 6 pm, Free)

A little daytime trip with our friends from The Natural Wine Club. The homies Diego, Frankie Banks and AK bring us down from the long weekend.

Don’t sleep on the fucking patio will be open ;)

Detroit Make The World Go Round - Spot Lite (12pm - 9 pm, $20)

Back to Spot Lite this time for us almost exclusively for the Shigeto Live Ensemble.

Don’t sleep on Etta.

Detroit Vinyl Room - Motor City Wine (2pm - 2 am)

DVR head Issac Prieto has an underrated party lined up over at MCW that includes Crate Digga, Nick Speed, Jon Collins, Whodat, Meftah, Ash Lauryn, Mgun and Javonntte! 5 pm-11 pm on the patio should be magic.

Don’t sleep on Ash Lauryn’s set, this one will be special.

Movement Music Festival: Day 3

  • Huey Mnemonic:  Movement Stage - 4pm-6pm
  • Meftah: Detroit Stage - 5:30pm-7pm
  • Goldie B2B LTJ Bukem Ft. Armanni Reign - Waterfront Stage 7:30pm-9:30pm
  • Tammy Lakkis: Detroit Stage - 8:30pm-10pm