Photo of Tiffany by Sarah Johnson
Photo of Tiffany by Sarah Johnson
Photo of Tiffany by Sarah Johnson
Photo of Tiffany by Sarah Johnson


Stories from Detroit

devotee; Tiffany a mononym


Crystal Mioner


i. Tiffany dancing front right near the speaker at Motor City Wine as Rick Wilhite bangs the box.

- shoulders somewhere in front of her body, feet operating in tandem, a two-step only she knows -

Tiffany moving dead center at Spotlite, christening the floor as folks trickle in to hear Norm Talley.

- arms like wings, open and wide -

Tiffany in the booth grooving with Ladymonix at Temple Bar.

-keeping time.-

Track Suggestion: The Vision - Heaven (feat. Andreya Triana)

Moving image of Tiffany by Sarah Johnson

ii. A dancefloor devotee, free-form mover, voice soft behind her mask.

No formal hierarchy but a leader to the foot-tappers and wall flowers.

“My job is to get people moving, to inspire them to dance.”

Track Suggestion: Dj Kemit & Luke Austion - Dance 101

Moving image of Tiffany by Sarah Johnson

iii. We chat as I drive, talking about our must see’s for the festival weekend. At the top of her list? Louie Vega.

”I love lyrics that speak to me, something with meaning. Anything that reaches my soul.”

“His music speaks to me.”

Track Suggestion: Louie Vega (feat. Two Soul Fusion) - Joy Universal

iv. Growing up traveling between Tennessee and Detroit, she started dancing at 7, influenced by her family.

“My people always had gatherings. Card parties during the weekend. My grandmother always played records around the house. We were church people. Music has always been a part of my life, as long as I can remember.”

Track Suggestion: New Edition - Mr. Telephone Man

v. No “formal training”, just 3/4/5 days a week in connection with dance, clearing her head.
- in connection with dancers, paths crossing some weekend nights, answering the signal -

Track Suggestion: Mr De’ - Star Of The Story