The long weekend

Underground Music Academy: Why you should go support this Memorial Day weekend


Andrey Douthard


The Underground Music Academy’s mission is to create a more inclusive global dance music community that's more aware of its roots; to build future electronic music leaders through education and mentorship.

Waajeed, the pioneer of the space, is a local OG. More formally defined as a Detroit-born music producer and founder of Dirt Tech Reck Records, he explains, “the school will teach DJ’n and production all under the context of social justice.”

Having purchased a historic building that was once the headquarters of the NAACP in Detroit's north end, Waajeed and the UMA team are in the midst of some of the most important work happening in the Detroit music community. The 100% independently owned UMA has a fundraising goal of around 300K, of which they have recently broken the 100K mark.

Stay tuned as we continue to cover the development of UMA as they fundraise and build this essential space here in Detroit, but for now, go support this weekend as they open their doors to the community for the first time.

Donate to UMA here, or go visit 2990 East Grand Blvd this weekend and spend your $$$ to make sure this vital project can get closer to its fundraising goal.

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